The brains ability to reorganise itself by forming new neural pathways throughout our lives. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons, also known as nerve cells in the brain to compensate for any injury we may sustain or disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations and changes in the environment.
— Definition

Neuroplasticity and the treatment of OCD

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You may have heard of the saying, our brain is made of plastic. Of course, it's not actually made of plastic, but the term neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity refers to how our brains can physically change throughout our lives to adapt to new, different situations throughout our life times. Our brain has an amazing ability, whereby through changing our behaviour we can essentially reprogram the way our brain works, physically. More specifically this relates to how the brain can reorganise, and create new neural pathways at any given time in our lives. There is also evidence to suggest that when we learn how to change our own brains, the changes can match those that occur when takin medication.

So how does this help when it comes to treatment?

The brain is incredibly lazy! This means that if you learn, with confidence how to start showing your brain something different, then the brain can begin to adapt to new behaviours extremely quickly. Just think, you weren’t born like this, you have accidentally taught yourself to be afraid. It is the realisation that allows a window for successful treatment.

The most exciting thing, is that the Science backs it up!

Researchers have studied the way that the brain responds to fear, both real and perceived, and have shown that similarly to when we are learning any new skill, such as practising guitar or learning a new language, the brain adapts and moves based on these new changes.

At the OCD Treatment Centre, we like to think that this is a liberating realisation. Although at the moment, this means that your compulsive responses are certainly keeping you locked in the biological loop of OCD, the power to change the deep inner structures of your brain actually lie in your hands. Now, if it was that easy, then upon realising this, everyone would simply recover from OCD, but unfortunately this is not the case. However, we can show you, through our understanding, expertise and skill set just how to start making your own brain work for you, rather than against you.