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one to one intensive @ prometheus psychological centre

The one to one intensive program is for those that would like to have a more personal experience. After the assessment, your therapist will aim to get you booked in for a date that suits your needs. During the program, you will have your vey own therapist who will help guide you on your recovery every step of the way. All of our therapists are extremely experienced, and so no matter how big or small, we are confident that we can show you the way to recovery. The one to one program also has more flexibility around start and finish times. There are also a number of affordable hotels, within walking distance of the centre, meaning your stay can be as hassle free as possible.

The one to one intensive option provides an opportunity for clients to have over 20 active hours of therapy over a condensed period of just five days, in a confidential and professional setting. Set in the heart of the town of Taunton, Somerset, clients will have plenty to keep them occupied once the course (and the homework) are finished each day.

We are proud to say that all one to one intensive programs are conducted at the prestigious Prometheus Psychological Therapy Centre, encompassing a team of trusted, independent professionals with a wealth of experience and expertise in the areas of mental health, psychological functioning and emotional well-being. The setting is perfect for a one to one intensive program, with each therapy room offering utmost privacy, allowing us to focus on what is important, getting you out of the grips of OCD.

Other benefits of working at the Prometheus Psychological Therapy Centre:

Parking close by to make your journey to us as stress free as possible (please note that parking will be in public car parks, and this is not free. We recommend downloading the necessary parking apps or carrying the correct change daily).

A private setting for complete discretion

A short walk from both the town centre, local shops and many local hotels for complete convenience during your stay

A relaxing and peaceful atmosphere to help support the recovery process

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the one to one intensive program in the comfort of your own home

The one to one home intensive program is for those suffering from OCD that makes it more difficult to leave the home, or who may just prefer to have our program conducted in a familiar setting. This is also a great option for those that have a family or a certain career, where by getting to our centre could prove difficult. The program will be delivered in the same way that it would be at our centre, that you are getting the same quality program that you'd get if you were travelling to us. We also have greater flexibility with start and finishing times with this option. (Please note that this option is broken down into the following: 3 days of therapy conducted over Skype, 2 days in person at your home).