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The OCD Treatment Centre regularly support projects in the media, in a hope to provide documentaries a factually accurate account of what it is really like for sufferers of OCD. For too long, the condition either hasn’t been taken seriously enough, or simply is misunderstood. Through providing more accurate information through media resources, we hope that sufferers of the condition can both more readily recognise when they may be experiencing symptoms, as well as being able to find the courage to speak to someone that might be able to help. It is also our experience that for many, finding the right help has been extremely difficult. We hope that by continually bringing OCD into the public eye, this will in time make services more readily available for those suffering from OCD as well as generally making treatment more accessible.

Below are some of the efforts that we have made to raise positive awareness to date within the media. Our work in helping others to break the silence around the taboo of experiencing mental health is ongoing, and although at times feels like an up hill struggle, this is one of the aspects of our work that we are most passionate about.

See the articles that we have appeared in below:

Article specifically about the positivity of the seminars and the difference they made


General article about increasing awareness of mental health


Article highlighting how OCD plays a role within the educational system