Thank you to all of our clients that are kind enough to write the following testimonials. 


My mum found Sharon when I was having a very difficult time with ocd. I got to the point where I felt I really needed some help and my mum found Sharon on the internet and had a positive instinct about her because not only does she help people with anxiety and ocd but she and her son have both experienced and recovered from them. My mum felt this would mean Sharon could help and understand in a very personal way. When I spoke to Sharon on the phone I knew she understood what I was going through and I knew she could help me. She is so kind and understanding and at the same time very professional and knows how to help. The fact that she has had ocd and anxiety and overcome them meant I knew I could trust her. She really is so kind and warm and understanding! The information she gave me about anxiety and ocd on the intensive course has helped me enormously. Within a few days the ocd behaviours I was doing reduced dramatically! I am so thankful that she is helping me. She is always there on email or the phone and I really feel that she cares about me and my recovery. I would recommend her help to anyone with anxiety or ocd. You will have to do the work but she is there to hold your hand and guide you through anxiety and out the other side to liberation.

-Kelly, 15

It was a pleasure to work with Sharon, having worked with an array of therapists in the past.  I haven’t been able to learn as much and relate to a person as well as I had with Sharon.  I feel the support she has given me  pre/post and during my treatment has been fantastic.  This is by far the greatest treatment programme I have ever been on, and I can honestly say having suffered with OCD for the past 6 years, I feel that I have been equipped with the tools to beat this once and forever.

-Alex, 24

"Having undergone a week's intensive therapy with Sharon, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone seeking a trustworthy and effective therapist. Sharon has the knowledge and the skills of many other therapists in tackling OCD. But she also has something in addition, that puts her above anyone who I've seen previously for my OCD. And that thing is empathy, born out of her own experiences with this condition. The fact is, Sharon "gets it". She's been there herself, she knows the hell that you go through and she is therefore very well-equipped to help you escape the demons.

It also means that she genuinely cares about you and your recovery - she really wants you to be free of OCD just like she is now. She will spend a lot of time with you, working through your problems. She will answer the phone, she will respond to a email quickly, she will re-arrange a therapy session to suit you. This combination of personal experience, academic research and empathetic approach really is priceless. My own week-long therapy was intriguing, a combination of sessions at the centre, and then field-work outside, the latter especially being a real eye-opener and proving very effective. On both the field-work days I joined up with another person with OCD, and we did the exercises together. Not only that, but during a break I was abler to sit and share a coffee with Sharon, my treatment partner for the day, and Sharon's son Craig (who has also suffered OCD) and benefit from a long, informal chat about our experiences with the condition and how we've tried to get better. Incidentally, I have no prior connection to Sharon or vested interest in writing such a glowing report, just in case you're thinking all this sounds too good to be true.

The fact is, I've had severe OCD for over 33 years and Sharon is the best and most understanding therapist I have ever met. My recovery is by no means complete - I wouldn't have been constantly moving distracting objects out of my peripheral vision as I write this, if it was - but I feel I have made a great start with Sharon and am well on the way. Things have improved so much from where I began 2 months ago, and I'm confident that with her support they will only get even better."

-Paul, 29

It has taken me a while to write this testimonial because I have been so busy living my life again! Just thinking about writing this recently has brought tears to my eyes because I am so grateful to Craig for the changes that occurred in just a few days in Taunton. Since attending the OCD clinic I have travelled to the other side of the world with hardly a hiccup, something I couldn't even have imagined doing before attending the course.

I suffered from contamination OCD for three years and I was ready to give up on the idea of recovery after a couple of failed treatments through the NHS. But I found the intensive OCD treatment week online and decided to take the plunge and I am so glad I did because it has honestly turned my life around. 

I think that, along with the fact that Craig himself was an OCD -sufferer, one of the main reasons for my success with Craig's treatment programme compared to with the NHS, was the intensive component of the course which meant that there was little opportunity for relapses meaning there was little time to continue with the compulsive behaviours during the week.

There were difficult times during the course to the point where I almost disliked Craig! But throughout the course I noticed that my OCD tendencies were dramatically reducing, and after the week and for the weeks that followed I continued to improve to the point that now I can safely say I am living an OCD-free life which I still cannot quite believe. 

So all that's left to say is a massive thank you to Craig and to encourage anyone with OCD who is considering the course to go for it! 

-Claire, 25

"I have suffered with OCD for about 13 years and have had treatment numerous times through the NHS, all of which failed to work. I have been on and off medication for the entire 13 years and was at my wits end when my sister found Sharon. At first I was a bit dubious but after meeting Sharon I was put totally at ease and for the first time in years I thought that there may be light at the end of the tunnel. As Sharon had been through what I was going through, I felt she totally understood me and how I was feeling.

There was no question about it after my meeting with Sharon that I was going to do the course. I opted for the group therapy which was the best decision I could of made because I have made some wonderful new friends out of it and we continue to support each other on a daily basis. The course has helped me immensely and although I found it hard at times Sharon and her team were there with me every step of the way as were my new found friends. I would recommend that anyone who is suffering from OCD and feels that they have no where else to turn, contact Sharon as she is amazing. She has helped me to turn my life around and for that I will be forever grateful."

-Leigh, 38

I was so nervous about attending the five day course, but as soon as I stepped in the door on the first day, I knew I had made a very wise decision. It was so very alien to spend time with people where you weren't considered "different" from everybody else. Craig & Sharon helped me to realise that although OCD seems so very monstrous and important, that actually, the gap between OCD and recovery is very, very small. The information and support they provided me with for the five days (and long after) I will carry with me for the rest of my life, and will use every single day. They have vastly improved my quality of life and I will be forever grateful!

-Franchesca, 28

I never thought I would be able to put into words just how much Craig helped me. I have suffered from OCD for what feels like a lifetime, and genuinely thought that there was no way out of the disorder. I would describe myself as experiencing floating OCD, where my fears seem to move around all over the place with little sense. I honestly used to feel like I was afraid of almost everything. 

During my 5 days with Craig, he really helped me to understand and make sense of just why my fears seem to move around so much, and although I know that there was still so much work to be done, this level of understanding was something that I hadn't come across before in a therapist. For the first time in my life, not only did I trust someone more than my OCD, but I actually believed that there was a chance that I could get better.

Over the next 5 days I learnt a lot more, about myself and the condition as well as how to start to implement some of the tools that Craig was teaching me. When I came to the OCD Treatment Centre, my biggest worry was that I had harmed people, and although I would have been terrified about admitting this before, I also had inappropriate thoughts about vulnerable people. It is only now that I have the confidence to label these thoughts as OCD, and to not give them any credence. Again this is something that I have brought away with me from the course. I would say that after attending the course with Craig, I felt 80% better and although I know that I still have some work ahead of me, I truly believe that with a little more support I am going to get there. 

I cannot thank Craig, and the OCD Treatment Centre enough for giving me my life back. 

-Gareth, 41

I feel compelled to write this testimonial as when I was at my lowest point and debating whether or not to do this course with Sharon I read the testimonials on the website and they persuaded me to take the plunge! I was worried that spending the money on this course was wrong or selfish, I persuaded myself I would be able to get over it on my own if I really tried. Worse still my OCD mind told me I would be punished for trying to make myself better. I finally got to the point where I was in such a bad place that finally my rational brain told me that I needed help and I think finding this course and Sharon was the best thing that ever happened to me. I did the intensive course on my own and found it great as you hit the problem head on and fast. Your brain literally hurts but it is amazing how quickly you start to change your beliefs.

When you see OCD on TV it tends to focus on people with contamination OCD and obsessive cleaners so I believed that the type I had was incurable, because it was different. However I have learnt that all OCD can be treated by the same principles. I had responsibility OCD where I believed that carrying out a series of rituals would save me and my family from harm. I was plagued by intrusive thoughts of harm coming to my family which I then had to neutralise by repeating actions, such as walking over the same spot 20 times, driving around the block 5 times. I spent over an hour praying every night having to say the same things over and over until it felt right, it was exhausting and extremely upsetting. Everything that I did felt wrong somehow so I had to do it again. I could spend 20 minutes choosing which glass to use to drink out of in case the decision I made caused something bad to happen. Going to the supermarket took hours, as I pondered every item I was buying. I felt sick with nerves and anxiety 24 hours a day. I was exhausted and constantly broke down in tears. I woke up every morning wondering how I could get through another day. What Sharon has made me see is that instead of protecting my family I was hurting them, and I now realise that to be a good mother to my daughter I need to fight the OCD.

The course that Sharon has devised just really works. It is a mix of theory and practice, so it explains why you have these feelings and gives you the tools to fight it. For example I was terrified as to why everything felt wrong, that this must mean something, but when you have explained to you why your brain is telling you this, these feelings start to go away. Then the exposure therapy (ERT) really works in exposing you to your worst fears and realising that you can get through it. I found the exposure therapy really hard but it was amazingly successful in that after doing it for 2 days my worst nightmares actually became quite comical. I also found it helped massively to have my husband attend the first 2 days of the programme. My OCD had also been a big strain on him and I think he found it beneficial to really understand what was going on in my head and for me it was a great support for him to be part of my recovery.

My highest praise has to go to the team that devised this programme as I tried so many things and this is the only treatment I have found that helps. Sharon will probably remain one of the most influential people I have met in that she really has showed me the path to freedom. It really helps massively that Sharon has suffered from OCD herself so she totally understands and can empathise with you and that makes a big difference. It also meant that there was no hiding! When we did the exposure work she could tell immediately if I was trying to avoid something or neutralise anything. I am a new and better person. I still have a way to go and I am still fighting the feelings but I totally know I can beat them.

-Sophie, 31

I couldn't make my mind up whether to commit to the 5 days or not, and remember just sat looking at the screen not being able to make my mind up. I decided to call up the OCD Treatment Centre, and I can honestly say that I am so glad that I did. Since I was a child, I have always been sensitive, and can recall times where my thoughts would get on top of me making me do certain behaviours that I couldn't bring myself to stop. I also experience feeling guilty for no apparent reason, something that I hadn't related to OCD before now. By the time I called the OCD Treatment Centre, I had had two courses of previous CBT, and had taken several different types of medication, some with better results than others. However, I couldn't have imagined just how different this treatment would be fro anything else that I hd ever experienced. 

I think the biggest thing for me was knowing that Craig had suffered from OCD, and I could really tell that from the second I started talking to him during the first free consultation, I was in good hands. I would say that I have actually had good therapy before, and although I wasn't recovered I had had moment of what I call remission from OCD. However, after having my first child last year, my OCD came raging back, hence why I started to look for therapy again. Although I know that Craig is a professional his approach really made me feel that he was talking to me as much as someone that was on a similar level to me, and I instantly felt at ease. I spoke about some incredibly scary things that I have never felt confident enough to say before, and never felt judged for a second. This really helped me to trust what Craig said, and I really believed in what I was doing during the 5 days.

The 5 day intensive was a life changing experience for me. I know so much more about myself now, not only in an OCD way but just how I work in general, especially when it comes to fear. Personally I recommend this for anyone, OCD or not as I think everyone would benefit from learning the material that is in this program. As an OCD sufferer, I don't think I could have asked for anything more, and am feeling completely on top of my OCD symptoms for the first time since having my baby. The nicest thing was everyone instantly noticing a difference in me when I got home. Thank you to all of the hard work you put in Craig, Ill never forget it!  

Abi, 30

Im sorry that this testimonial took so long to write, but since I have got back from the centre I have been so busy that I have actually struggled to find the time. I guess that is a huge testimony in itself, considering that before my therapy, I was housebound. I think I have always experienced OCD for as long as I can remember, but I just didn't know what it was. Over the last 10 years though, my OCD had got progressively worse until about 4 years ago, I became completely housebound. All I can say is that I wish I had found the OCD Treatment Centre sooner. 

I called the number on the website, and nearly hung up as I was just so nervous. I had been putting treatment off for some time, as I was just so scared to maybe even get better. I know it sounds silly, but it was true. I spoke to Someone called Craig, and within ten minutes I instantly felt at ease. For the first time in my life, I felt completely understood. It was strange, but I almost felt like Craig had met me before as he was describing me so well, even my most irrational and intricate thought processes, and yet he had never even met me. I think that this was testament to just how well Craig knows his profession, and OCD. He really does know what he is talking about, which was such a relief. 

I decided to opt for the home intensive program, as for obvious reasons I couldn't get down to Taunton. To be honest, even this was a big decision for me, as the idea of a 'stranger' coming into my home was an uncomfortable one. Craig was extremely professional and courteous from the get go, and was sensitive to just how hard this all was for me. Within just a couple of hours I was so happy that I had decided to bite the bullet and start therapy. There wasn't a doubt in my mind, even after just a couple of hours that this person could really help me. My main fear was anything to do with contamination. I was afraid of so many things, car fumes, smoking, all types of germs and HIV, amongst so many others. The program that Craig taught me helped me to challenge these thoughts, and question their authenticity, as well as helping me to understand my unhelpful relationship with my anxiety and emotions too.   

I have to say that just learning the content that was in the program was hugely therapeutic, however having someone that I trusted when times got tough was the thing that made all the difference. I didn't really know what to expect from the intensive program, all I knew was that I needed the help. It is now 7 weeks since I finished my intensive program, and I have never looked back, not once! In the last 7 weeks, I can now do all the things that my OCD prevented me from doing before hand. Ive been on day trips out, I do my own food shopping again, drive myself everywhere, have reconnected with the friends that I almost lost, and believe it or not have even been on holiday to Spain, something that I thought I would never be able to do again in a million years. 

-Chloe, 47

“Sharon came to us at a moment of despair: our daughter, who had already had problems with anxiety and panic attacks, had been getting more and more entrenched in OCD security seeking behaviour that was dramatically restricting her life, and we didn’t know what to do. At the end of the first day of Sharon’s 5-day intensive course the OCD behaviours had reduced dramatically; and at the end of the 5 days 90% had been eliminated and the rest were being dealt with by our daughter in an analytical and remedial way. She is doing amazingly well thanks to Sharon’s knowledge, understanding, humour, and exquisite kindness. We feel so lucky that Sharon has come into our lives to help our daughter get her life back.”

Ronnie, 20

“It’s been 6 months since I received my therapy from Sharon, it’s taken me this long to write this testimony as I’ve been so busy enjoying life again!! I can always remember as far back to the age of 5 that I used to worry a lot, and would say that I’ve always had an overactive mind, and at the age of 19 just as I was planning my wedding to my childhood sweetheart the worrying took over. I was having sleepless nights, unable to eat and rapidlylosing weight all due to having doubts as to whether I loved my fiancé; my doubts always began with a question “did I love him in the right way?” “Did I love him enough?” “Did I even like him anymore?”

A few months passed and my fiancé and myself started to see each other more often and decided to “work things out” although in hindsight I now know that there was nothing to try and work out within our relationship ,the only thing that was needed was a diagnosis of Pure o ocd. Over the next 12 months the anxiety and depression subsided as did the unwanted thoughts and our relationship moved forward. Several years later we got married and had two lovely daughters, and it was after the birth of our second child that the anxious feelings started to creep back in .I was once again plagued by unwanted thoughts and I truly believed that I may of harmed my baby this lasted for several months, again the weight fell off me I had panic attacks continually, I could no longer eat, sleep or be the mum that I wanted to be. After A trip to see my G P and a home visit from a health visitor I was diagnosed as having post natal depression. Being given this diagnoses just seemed to fuel my anxiety and as time went on my intrusive thoughts changed from revolving around my baby to my sexual orientation, self-harm and once again the rightness of my relationship with my husband.

The questions kept on coming and the harder I searched for the answers the deeper I sank into an anxious, panicky and depressed state; the only way I thought that I would find the answers to my petrifying questions was to end the relationship which I did. This only resulted in me being even more depressed and anxious, I couldn’t go a few days without wanting to see or speak to my then ex fiancé, but the “doubts” were still there confusing me more than ever. I was finding the simplest of tasks hard to complete, and it was a relief to go to bed at night to try and get away from the barrage of unwanted thoughts.

I struggled through the next 12 months and was taking antidepressants, which didn’t seem to help, the unwanted thoughts were still there, it was at this point that I had a consultation with a psychiatric nurse who diagnosed me with generalised anxiety disorder and sent me on a 6 week anxiety and stressmanagement course. This helped me a little although looking back I was already through the worst and although I could identify with some of the information given to me, a lot of it didn’t seem to make that much sense. Eventually the intrusive thoughts faded away and for the next 9 years I was able to get on with my life.

The next time my OCD came to light was after a stressful uncertain time within my work, this time I felt the impact of OCD even greater than before. I struggled for month upon month with my intrusive thoughts that were flitting from one thing to another, “say if I poison my children?” “Say if I am a manic depressant?” “Say if I want to kill myself?” ”Say if I drive into a brick wall? The impact that this had on my family was huge, I was constantly seeking reassurance from all of them, even my children, anything or anybody that would help me to feel calmer even if it only lasted for a few moments. I then visited a CBT councillor every week for 4 months, he made me look into my childhood and put every intrusive thought that I was having into a so called “Court of order” coming up with real or false facts around these thoughts. All this did was fuel my thoughts even more and by now I was exhausted, I was no longer able to work and running the home felt like a massive deal.

It was while I was off sick from work that I started to trail the internet for any self-help therapy’s that would help me with my anxiety and depression that my GP had now diagnosed me with. I came across an article that talked about self-doubt which struck a chord with me, it mentioned a form of OCD called pure o, from this I searched the net further and found out as much as I could, the articles that I read had been written as though they were about me ,never had I read anything that fitted the description of my symptoms so well. It was then that my husband and I started to look for somebody that would be able to help.

We found Sharon’s website on the net and I plucked up the courage to send an email for them to contact me, within a few hours my phone rang and it was the friendly voice of Sharon from the treatment clinic on the other end .We had a very brief chat and it was so amazing that this stranger whom I had never talked to before knew exactly how I was feeling and I knew that she knew how my mind was working. A few days later I booked Sharon for 5 days one to one intensive therapy. Between making this appointment and the date of my therapy I had many question that Sharon was always on the end of the phone to help me with, she always made me feel at ease and was very easy to talk to, I trusted her implicitly.

The treatment that I received from Sharon was second to none; she explained everything in a very simplistic way although I have since learned that this condition is far from simple!! I have learnt so much about the brain and how the mind works and lots about the many misconceptions of OCD. The biggest thing that Sharon has taught me is acceptance of the condition and not having to have 100 % certainty in life. The weeks treatment has made a huge difference to my life, within two weeks of treatment I was back to work and able to function once again. It’s not all been plain sailing, at times the sneaky OCD raises its ugly head ,but it no longer scares me in the way that it used to. If you are considering treatment with the OCD Treatment Centre don’t wait a minute longer, pick up the phone and make that call! With the knowledge and skills that you are taught and lots of hard work from yourself you can learn to manage you OCD.

I cannot thank and praise Sharon enough for her skill, expertise and kindness!”

-Emma, 32

Sharon I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given me and I don’t think there are enough words I can say that would fully express how much you helped me from the darkest days of my life. After a stressful year in my life with 2 close relatives bereavements and struggling with stress at work these events became a trigger for my OCD in Pure O form to show its ugly head. I struggled to come to terms with my OCD symptons mainly intrusive thoughts which left me ruminating what seemed like 24/7 which also led to anxiety attacks and then eventually depression and after receiving no help from my GP I found myself in a rut with nowhere to turn.

I read numerous unhelpful forums, tried reading books tried returning to my GP numerous times only to find myself feeling like I was a lost cause and going crazy. Fortunately for me I finally found Sharon’s OCD treatment online and gave her a call and I can’t say how lucky I was. All I can say in only a short time Sharon has given me the tools to be able to manage and overcome my OCD and also has given me a whole new way at looking at life in general. It is a learning curve and you need to be ready to put a lot of effort in and it will be tough but if you are willing to trust her and listen to her advice and keep implementing the methods she teaches no matter how hard it seems at the time then you will have success and you will get through what probably seems like a living hell at this moment in time.

Sharon has helped me a lot to overcome my OCD. The thing that I noticed straight away, is that she knows what it’s like to be in the grip of OCD. She has been through the hell of OCD herself and beat it. I could tell from the first phone call that she knew what I was going through. She has a very caring approach and I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with OCD.”

-Andy, 40

What a blessing for me that my daughter found your web site and that it specified that you dealt solely with anxiety attacks and OCD. Having been a sufferer of OCD for 55 years since the age of 11 and during those years seeing different Psychologist – Physiatrists – self help therapy in the form of CBT and numerous drugs, it was a complete revelation to book your 5 day intensive home course with you. Naturally having OCD for all those years I was skeptical as to how you could cure me, because all the previous treatments I have had worked to a certain point but did not get to the core of this affliction.

I learned that the core is to understand OCD at its roots which obviously would be different for each client. The main help I got from you is that the progression of the time you spent with me was that I learned to trust you because you understand completely having had OCD yourself. And I knew that during the treatment you would not ask me to go through a fear that you felt I couldn’t handle. My husband son and daughter and their spouses sat in on a lot of the course, took intensive notes and your PowerPoint presentation plus videos have and will prove to be invaluable to us all, as I continue my journey in overcoming OCD. I know that it is me that has to change my core beliefs and my whole family think I am doing well so far considering where I was 3 months ago after having complete brain lock and deep depression, and no interest in life. Sharon the difference between you and many mental health professionals I have seen is that you really care about each individual that you help, and are passionate about there being only one route to curing OCD which with your course is a whole package, but with many roads to help for OCD sufferers they only get part of a package. I and my family cannot sing your praises enough or thank you enough for helping me get my life back on track.

Since the course I have opened up to untold amounts of people about having OCD because it is a very embarrassing and secretive illness. But we have been amazed at finding there are so many people who suffer from it.Consequently I have been able to pass on information of you and your new website. We wish you every success, your son and your team in giving hope to others as you have done for me. I am sure we will always keep in touch because when someone knows another person as well as we have got to know one-another that is the mark of a true friendship. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

-Annette, 35 and Family 

Thank you for everything, I look forward to putting everything into practice :-). I also look forward to helping in any way I can to get the name of the OCD Treatment Centre out there so that other people can be as fortunate as me to go through this process with you without having to worry about Ashley Shuttlecock.


I went to the OCD Treatment Centre feeling really sceptical and apprehensive after 15 years of therapy that has never worked for me I thought why would this be any different. When I got there I was using bleach to wash my hands and body with and wearing latex gloves for so many things by the 3rd day all my bleach and gloves were gone and I was doing things "normally" again! Something I didn’t even think  was possible! I thought I was too far gone and there was no way to fix me but Craig did as he promised and absolutely transformed my life I finally feel happy again for the first time in years, not getting up to just do compulsions all day but instead actually live my life and it's so exciting! Thank you so much Craig you are phenomenal at your job! 

-Robyn, 21

Sharon has enable me to regain control over my life again, after suffering horrific postnatal OCD I am finally back o track. Recovery is never easy, but with Sharon’s help I have now been able to get back to where I was. I currently still have the occasional bad day, as does everyone but no matter what time of day if I ever need support Sharon has been there for me and guided me through my OCD. I’ll forever be thankful for her support, as will all my family. I cannot recommend her, and this centre enough. Life changing!

-Sophie S

I can’t thank Craig enough for his patience with me during the course. I turned up with no idea what to expect, and thought that nothing would work for me. I have had severe OCD for almost 10 years, and couldn’t remember the last time I woke up without my intrusive thoughts bombarding me. After just two days with Craig, I started to notice an improvement. I honestly thought that I would return home and not achieve much, but since returning home my whole life has changed. I wake up feeling like I have actually had a night’s sleep, and generally feel a lot more alive since the intensive course. I know that if you have had OCD, then you probably know what I mean by that. I would say that currently 95% of my compulsions are a thing of the past, and I am continuing to work with Craig to finally get over that finish line. I know that with Craig’s ongoing support, I will be able to do it. If you have OCD, don’t suffer another day. Get some help! I’m glad I did.

-Philip, 44

Sharon is very professional and helpful, she gave me many tips on how to deal with my OCD. Now I feel much better after attending the intensive course, and I am on the way to totally get rid of this disease. I feel so great to have my life back again x

 -Leisan D

Life changing experience! I live a completely different life since attending the weeks intensive course and can honestly say it was one of the best times of my life! After suffering for 32 years I now live life 99% OCD free without a sniff of fear and anxiety J Sharon and Craig are fantastic and have the answer to everything about this condition. Enjoy folks!

-Dean F.

Who thought that an OCD course could actually be fun! I travelled down to the course with a little apprehension. I was excited and scared at the same time, but I knew that this was something that I had to do for me and my family. My parents have had so many sleepless nights worrying about me, which actually made me feel guilty, making my OCD so much worse. Guilt was my main problem!

 However, I needn’t worry. The group was one of the best things I ever did. I met some lovely people. I thought I would be judged, and that my thoughts were going to be so much worse than everyone else’s, but I soon realised that everyone was pretty much in the same boat. I have made some great friends, and we have even booked a holiday together for Spain later this year. OCD is treatable, don’t let anyone else tell you different. I thoroughly enjoyed the group, and even though I know its natural to feel apprehensive about this kind of thing, I really never needed to!

 Thanks guys xx

-Rachel, 25

Thank you to the OCD Treatment Centre. Sharon thank you so much for the last five days. I have come out of these five days a new man with a better understanding. A new identity.

 Thank you so much for helping me achieve that. I couldn’t recommend you highly enough. Thank you so much.



I wanted to say a huge thanks to Craig for everything he has taught me. Since my course with the OCD Treatment Centre, I can finally leave the house again, and get this…..without a single compulsion. It used to take me anything up to 6 hours just to pluck up the courage to leave my house and finish doing all of my compulsions. I have finally got my life back, and I will forever be grateful to Craig for sharing his wisdom about OCD and how to crack it. He really does have all the answers. Thanks man!

-Eliott, 29