How do I know which is the correct intensive option for me?

When it comes to making a decision about which treatment option to go for, it can feel like an extremely important decision. "Which would suit me best?" "How do I know which option will help me the most?" "What if I make the wrong decision?" As part of our free, 20 minute consultation, we will listen to your story, with the aim of helping you to understand which option may be best suited to you. The one to one option provides clients with a very bespoke and unique treatment experience, whereas the group option may be best suited to those that feel they would benefit from meeting others, and working at overcoming their OCD as part of a team. The home intensive option on the other is an option for clients that have time constraints, demanding jobs, children, or find it difficult to travel. Regardless of your needs, we're confident that we have an option that makes treatment accessible for all. Below is a little more information about what each option provides. 

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Group intensive @ Mill meadow

Our group Intensive option is one of our most popular. It is our most affordable option, but as we keep numbers small we can still ensure the quality of therapy you'd expect from one of our one to one programs. Furthermore, the group intensive allows you to meet others with OCD, which can be both comforting, as well as incredibly motivating as you'll be overcoming your OCD together. You'll have support, empathy and an unparalleled level of understanding from other sufferers, as well as the therapists that are leading the group. Groups are suitable for all ages, but we would advise that children aged 16 or under be accompanied by an adult. All groups are conducted in a private, confidential and friendly environment. 

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one to one intensive @ prometheus psychological centre

The one to one intensive program is for those that would like to have a more personal experience. After the assessment, your therapist will aim to get you booked in for a date that suits your needs. During the program, you will have your vey own therapist who will help guide you on your recovery every step of the way. All of our therapists are extremely experienced, and so no matter how big or small, we are confident that we can show you the way to recovery. The one to one program also has more flexibility around start and finish times. There are also a number of affordable hotels, within walking distance of the centre, meaning your stay can be as hassle free as possible.

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one to one home intensive program

The one to one home intensive program is for those suffering from OCD that makes it more difficult to leave the home, or who may just prefer to have our program conducted in a familiar setting. This is also a great option for those that have a family or a certain career, where by getting to our centre could prove difficult. The program will be delivered in the same way that it would be at our centre, that you are getting the same quality program that you'd get if you were travelling to us. We also have greater flexibility with start and finishing times with this option. (Please note that this option is broken down into the following: 3 days of therapy conducted over Skype, 2 days in person at your home).