Here at the OCD Treatment Centre, we are extremely passionate about making a positive difference to the OCD community in more ways than one.

 Since 2018, we are proud to say that we work closely with the GH Marville Trust, based in Barbados to raise positive awareness overseas. To date, Mr Craig Shirley of the OCD Treatment Centre and Dr Ysanne Marville of the Trust have facilitated numerous educational seminars, presenting to a wide array of audiences including teachers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, family members and sufferers of a wide spectrum of disorders. Previous seminars include a three day workshop in Barbados, as well as the first ever mental Health Seminar in Guyana, South America.

Our work with the Trust is ongoing, with the aim of conducting more seminars both domestically and abroad to continue to raise accurate and positive awareness of conditions including OCD, Autism and ADHD.

A little about the GH Marville Trust……

 The G.H. Marville Trust was founded by Mrs Janis Marville, Mr Charles Marville and Dr Ysanne Marville, with the primary aim of supporting the welfare of children, young people, and their families by shattering the silence around mental health, particularly OCD.

 To find out more about the Trust, and the work that they do, please click the following link.

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Dr Ysanne Marville of the G.H. Marville Trust

Dr Ysanne Marville currently works as a Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist in Somerset Support Services for Education in the United Kingdom.Dr Marville received her BSc from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus and her DEd.Psych from the University of Exeter, United Kingdom.

Dr Marville works to support the needs children, young people, and their families in early years settings (nursery), primary, and secondary schools. She also delivers training in Emotional Literacy, Attachment, and Loss and Bereavement.